Reflection Question 1: 

I believe that my favorite post was the Down Syndrome post. Although this was the hardest post, I was able to see how mature I have gotten in the past few years. What I am most proud of about this post is the fact that I was able to leave my personal beliefs aside and I was able to really focus and think outside the box within the subject. I struggled a lot with this post but I would be more than happy to share it with other teachers and friends because the subject is so interesting and has so much potential for a good conversation. This is my favorite post because I learned a lot of information that I was not aware of and it helped me think about others situations and not judge others because of their decisions in life. My least successful post would have to be Lesson 6 Assignment 1 because I feel that I was misinterpreted with my thoughts. I’m not sure what I could have done better to improve it, maybe explain my thought better. The post that I learned the most from like I stated before was the Down Syndrome one because it was more researched based. I learned that even though a person can have testing done, it may still not be accurate. At times those test may come out positive but when the baby is born they may be 100 %  healthy. I struggled writing this post because I did not want to offend anyone or judge anybody.

Reflection Question 2: 

The most interesting thing that I learned in this course would have to be how to study the philosophers and actually break down their writings by sentence. At first when I started this class I was very anxious and nervous because I looked at the first philosopher and I did not understand a word of what was being said. Now I am able to look at it and even though I don’t understand it at first I can make some sense from it after reading it a few extra times. I also learned that it is OK to read something over and over because you may catch something that you had not understood before. The knowledge that I have learned in this course can definitely be used in other aspects of life because I have learned more about myself, my values and beliefs. For example, I can use the knowledge of friendships and relationships with my own to strengthen the relationships that I have now.

Reflection Question 3: 

I do not think that my moral view points have changed in the course of this class. Although I have to say that I have learned to be more open and to express myself more. I have also learned that even though I may not agree to something that is being said I can also learn from it and apply to my life in some sort of way.

Reflection Question 4:

If I were teaching this course I think that I would keep everything as it was because they were interesting topics. Everyone in this class was also very respectful with their comments and active in participation. I enjoyed how culture was added in this class and opinion based post. I cannot really think about any topics to add right now besides our living styles and how we can compare them to each others. I would definitely recommend this course to other students. It was well-organized and interesting. The expectations were clear at all times and it interesting to see another side of philosophers which took away my anxiety in regards to them.



Final Part IV



This story was an eye opener to the life that we are living. Ethics and Morals will always differentiate between people but one thing that is most likely to be the same is that family is an everlasting bond. I chose this quote because I feel that it fits in perfectly with the novel, it does not matter how much money we have along as we have out family by our side we can consider ourselves to be rich!


Part IV Final Paper

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Final Project Part III



  • Consider the different philosophers, ethical ideas and moral situations we discussed in this class so far.  Re-read your own blog posts to remind yourself.  Which one of these concepts or ideas of morality might be applicable for this book if you want to discuss the characters and their actions?  Write 1-2 paragraphs in which you connect something we discussed in this class to what you read in the book.

Considering the different philosophers, ethical ideas and moral situations we have discussed in the class, I think that Aristotle’s view on happiness would definitely be applicable for this book in regards to the characters and their actions. Aristotle believes that the ultimate goal for all people is to strive for happiness in our lives. Like most families now, the characters in this book are living a hard life and do not have the perfect families. They are working hard to make a living and sacrifice a lot in their lives to better themselves and their loved ones. The main characters family moved from the village to the city because the mom wanted them to be all together but if the dad would have stayed in the village, the dad would have been able to provide better for them. Which is where J.S. Mill’s quality of pleasures ties in. I feel that the family was striving towards the  higher pleasures because not only do they bring more satisfaction but they are also long-term such as making a better living by having a good job and a stable lifestyle. In the end they are striving for both happiness and fulfilling their most desired dreams.

  • Think about the language and style:  How does the style of this book compare to other books you’ve read recently?  Is it similar or different and in what ways? What type of language does the author use?  How does the style and language make you feel?  Can you connect it with any moral idea we’ve discussed here? If so, write 1 paragraph about this.

Recently I have read “Catching Fire” By Suzanne Collins which is the second book of the “Hunger Games”. The author from “Catching Fire” allows the reader to see the scenery in which the story is portraying at the moment. Meanwhile in “How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia” By Mohsin Hamid, I feel that the author does not really worry about providing the reader a description of the scenery in which the story is taking place. The author is more interested between the dialogue that is happening between the characters. A similarity that both of these books have is that the main protagonist is striving for survival for not only them but for their entire family. The difference between both books is that Katniss Everdeen and the main character in the “How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia”  is that we are able to sense the closeness between Katniss Everdeen and her mother and sister as opposed to “How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia” in which the characters do not seem to be as close, they are fighting for the same purpose but in different ways although you can still see the caring and compassion towards each other. For example when the ex-wife visited the main character in the hospital even though their marriage was not working at the moment. The type of language that Mohsin Hamid used seemed to be very vulgar and straight to the point. I feel that he could have still kept it straight to the point but have been more modest with specific situations that occurred in the book. A moral idea that I can connect  comparing these two books together would be Kant’s Categorical Imperative in which would be us doing something because it is the moral thing to do but not because we want something in return. Katniss did not volunteer to enter the hunger games because she wanted to, she did it because she wanted to save her sister’s life. The main character in “How to Get Filthy Rich in Rising Asia”  also worked extra hard and went to school not because that was what he wanted to do but because he knew that his family needed him and he did it because it was his duty as the man of the house.

  • Formulate your main idea or thesis statement. Write a 2-3 sentence statement that answers the following question:  What is the moral value of this book?  (in other words, what can this book teach us about morality, about being a good person, about doing good things, about pursuing happiness, increasing pleasure for others, respecting people and the environment, about global morality?

Thesis Statement:

The circumstances surrounding us do not determine our future but extracts the best virtues from within us. As long as you have your family working together with one goal, you can overcome anything since everything is temporary but family is everlasting.

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Lesson 6 Assignment 2

  • What is your culture?  What is your closets community?  How does your culture and community influence who you are?

My culture is Latino.  I lived in Puerto Rico until the age of three and then moved to the United States. Life in Puerto Rico was very different to here in the United  States. The culture in Puerto Rico is very family oriented, we never really spend time at our own house because we were most of the time at my grandparents house gathered with other family members. As simple as playing card games or dominoes outside at the balcony this is how close knit our families are. I would have to say that family is my closest community. In my culture we love to eat! Especially fried delicious meat pastries and rice with pernil pork shoulder)! We also take pride with our music and special dances that are done during special festivities in Puerto Rico such as Christmas. Something that is done every year in Puerto Rico is called a “paranda”. Basically on Christmas Eve a group of people go to others houses (kind of like caroling) and they play instruments and sing very upbeat music, they then are invited into the houses to have a delicious snack and drink! My culture and community influences who I am because it has taught me to be family oriented over anything. I love spending time with my family and having a good time. I have learned to be appreciative for what I have and to help others when in need. Because of my culture I am also bilingual, English and Spanish and that has its advantages as well.

  • What are the THREE most important values you hold?  How are they influenced by your culture or community?

Three most important values that I hold would have to be my family and making sure that they are taking care of. I would do  anything for them, they are my life. Another value that I hold is my religion. I love my God and I want to fulfill my purpose in life. I hold on to my beliefs and put to practice everything that my mom is teaching me on a daily basis for example how to life a life of worship, how to be true to myself and honest and how to be a sincere friend. I also love to help those in need and take pride in my accomplishments in life and the obstacles that I have overcome to get to where I am now. I am strong and courageous and I want to pass on those qualities to my baby brothers.

  • What’s your ethics?  Given what we’ve discussed this semester, and all these different situations, moral perspectives, and philosophers  — WHERE DO YOU STAND?

I stand with the believe to do to others as you would like done to yourself. I believe in helping others in need without expecting anything in return, just to feel that I have done something that will make a difference in another’s life is rewarding enough to me. Another ethic that I hold on it is that everyone has a chance at life no matter what health may say because everything is created with a purpose. 

MULTI-MEDIA: Include a picture that represents YOUR cultural community or your overall MORAL viewpoint. Discuss briefly why you selected it.

I selected this picture because it has various people with a Hispanic culture gathered together as a family and to me, this is what my culture is all about.

Lesson 6: Assignment 1


1. Selection/Copy and Paste:

“Perhaps the relativist would adhere to a principle which says that in such cases the individual may choose which group to belong to as primary. If Mary chooses to have an abortion, she is choosing to belong to the general society relative to that principle. And John must likewise choose between groups. The trouble with this option is that it seems to lead back to counter intuitive results. If Gangland Gus of Murder, Incorporated, feels like killing Bank President Ortcutt and wants to feel good about it, he identifies with the Murder, Incorporated society rather than the general public morality. Does this justify the killing? In fact, couldn’t one justify anything simply by forming a small subculture that approved of it? Charles Manson would be morally pure in killing innocents simply by virtue of forming a little coterie. How large must the group be in order to be a legitimate sub-culture or society? Does it need ten or fifteen people? How about just three? Come to think about it, why can’t my burglary partner and I [250]found our own society with a morality of its own? Of course, if my partner dies, I could still claim that I was acting from an originally social set of norms. But why can’t I dispense with the interpersonal agreements altogether and invent my own morality–since morality, on this view, is only an invention anyway? Conventionalist Relativism seems to reduce to Subjectivism. And Subjectivism leads, as we have seen, to the demise of morality altogether.”’s%20to%20judge&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CEkQFjAA&

2. In your own words:

A person who decides to become a part of a minority group could take the ideas from the group as the way they live their life. If a women decides to make a personal decision about her own body, that is the philosophy she adheres to. Likewise, someone else who decides to kill someone that has done wrong to them and they think that is OK, that’s the social rules the belief is right. because a small group has radical ideas that is not widely accepted by society, does that justify their actions? A cult leader who teaches that murder is OK, is a society enough to claim a person is morally right. The size could be any amount of people, even two that believed a certain social rule could influence the way they lived their life. Morality is a made up rule that society, any small amount created and followed. By accepting this, morality disintegrates altogether.

3. Opinion and Interpretation:

As I was reading, this paragraph really caught my attention because it raises up a lot of questions. What I like about this paragraph is that it is very direct and straight to the point. It is basically saying that if a person does something because that is what they believe in, would that be considered morally right or wrong? There are a lot of rules and ideas in this society that not every one will agree to. But it raises a question, is it right for everyone? I believe that it depends on the severity of the action. For example as it is stated in this paragraph if a person thinks that murder is OK, than is it morally right? Absolutely No! This is an action that will put the life of others in jeopardy. As opposed to getting a tattoo. Personally, I do not believe in marking my body with tattoos. I would not do it to myself but that does not mean that I will judge someone with a tattoo. I have plenty of friends that have them, just because I do not like the idea and would not personally do it to my own body it does not mean that it is morally wrong for the society. As for me personally it is morally wrong because of my religion, but to others it is OK and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that because it is an action that is not hurting anyone else. 

4. Views on Pluralism:

1. As a universal value, members of one culture have no right to evaluate the moral values of another culture.‘ Do you agree with this statement? Why or why not.

My opinion is that as a universal value, It is OK for members of one culture to evaluate the moral values of another culture but not judge them. It is OK to want to learn about a new culture, but I feel that each culture are unique and special in their own way and that is what makes us individuals. If everyone was alike in this word, this world would be a pretty boring place!By evaluating others cultures and ideas we can dig deep inside of us and figure out what our own moral values are.

2. Is the argument against subjectivism convincing to you?

In a way it kind of convinces me because as individuals we do have the right to our opinion whether others like them or not. In regards to certain moral believes, we believe what we believe and not matter what others think our mentality may not change because that is our life style. Like the PowerPoint stated, their can potentially be more than one right and more than one wrong. Basically it all comes down to what you believe is right for you.

3. Is the argument against conventional relativism strong and convincing?

I feel that the view against conventional relativism is strong and convincing because culture does indeed take up a big part of our lives and beliefs. As opposed to subjectivism at times we may not agree with a belief but because it is our culture we have to follow through with it.

4. Who are ‘we’ to make moral judgments?  Is it even possible? Under what circumstances?  Explain your thinking and refer to the reading.

I do not think that we are anyone to make moral judgments! We should be not be judging anyone because of their culture and belief. I live by the motto, “to each it’s own”. I can try to speak to someone of what I believe it morally correct but it is up to them so accept it and follow it. No one will ever really know what is completely wrong and what is completely right because we all have our own unique moral judgments. 

5. Multi-Media:

Final Project Part 2

  • First list:  Make a list of situations in the book that are morally considered right and those are considered wrong (according to you)

1. To me it is considered morally wrong when the main character talks about his parents having intimacy in the bedroom when they were in there.

2. To me it is considered morally wrong when he was intimate with the pretty girl and mocks to the fact that he does not need to marry her.

3. To me it is considered morally wrong the main character would steal DVD’s from his job to give to the pretty girl.

4. To me it is considered morally wrong  to work for a person who is doing something illegal in which selling expired food as new. People in the city could have been severely sick because of this action and by working in this environment he was partaking in the wrong action himself.

5. To me it is considered morally wrong to steal from a person, just as the ex wife’s brother did when the main character was in the hospital sick.

6. To me it is considered morally right when the main characters ex-wife visited him in the hospital even though their marriage was not working, she still showed care for him by visiting him.

7. To me it is considered morally right that even though the father knew that it would be better financially and more affordable for them to keep his family at the village while he worked he considered that it would be more important to keep the family together.

8. To me it is considered morally right when the main character helps others by the goodness of his heart with nothing in expectancy just as a good deed.

8. To me it is considered morally wrong that even though the main character got a raise he did not share it with his family and they had no idea about the extra money

  • Second list:  Make a list of characters from the book you would consider virtuous, good characters and list those that are not.  And say why?

1. The main protagonist I feel was virtuous because he had to endure a lot of trials to be able to get to where he needed to go. He worked part-time  in a DVD store burning illegal DVDs and bringing them to people’s houses. Thinking about it would make him a bit un virtuous because he was doing something illegal but at the same time he was just trying to survive and get his family what they needed.

2. The main protagonist mom I feel was virtuous because she made the decision to move from the village to the city to be able to have a better living for her children and husband.

3. The dad I feel was virtuous because he had what was considered a good job at the moment though they barely made it with his income. He also had to make the decision with his wife to move from the village to the city for a better living.

4. The brother I felt was virtuous because he dropped out of school to help support his family by working as a painter.

5. The sister I felt was virtuous because she was working as a servant to help the family.

6. The pretty girl I have mixed feeling about. I feel she was virtuous at times but not all of the time. She worked at a modeling company as an assistant and was having sex with her manager believing that one day he would be good to her. She actually looses her virginity to him. That is where I see her not being virtuous. But if you look at the situation, she is also trying to survive herself because her father takes her money away to maintain his gambling problem.

7. The pretty girl’s dad I feel was definitely not virtuous because he did not care about his family and paid more attention to his gambling and alcoholic problem than his family which should have been his priority.

  • Third list:  Make a list of events or occasions from the book that you believe would cause pleasure and those that you think would cause suffering for some or many people

1. An event that I believe would cause pleasure is moving from the village to the city because mentally they know that the move is in their best interest and better things were yet to come.

2. An event that I believe would cause pleasure is his parents having sex in the bedroom even though the kids were in their sleeping.

3. An event that I believe would cause pleasure is when their family did not have to pay for the medical expenses because the matriarch paid and did a good dead to them.

4. An event that I believe would cause pleasure is when the main character helped others in need.

5. An event that I believe would cause suffering is was when the main character was sick in the hospital it must have been hard for his family.

6. An event that would have caused suffering would be the main characters mom and dad’s anguish knowing that they could not provide the family with the living essentials with they lived at the village.

7.  An event that would have caused suffering was for the pretty girl when she was terminally ill.

8.  An event that would have caused suffering  could be when the children where in the same room with their parents as they had intimacy. They could have been emotionally suffering from the embarrassment.

9.  An event that would have caused suffering  was for the pretty girl knowing that her father was an alcoholic and everything she worked for was going to be taken away from her.

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Lesson 5 – Assignment 3

I am a female and would not want it any other way! I love being a female for various reasons! To begin with I think that being able to carry a baby and give birth to another human life is the most amazing experience a person can have. I enjoy doing all of the fun things that us girls do for example getting our nails done, doing our make up and hair and “girly” fun things! I would never want to be a male because I feel that in terms of their persona they are held to the responsibility of being tough and at times not being able to show their emotions. I am not saying this is a general though but from what I have seen going up with three brothers they are always trying to hide their emotions and portray the “tough guy figure”. I love being a female because I feel it comes with more privacy in terms of locker room showers and bathrooms! I would not be able to use a bathroom without stalls! As for me I am a very sentimental girl. In terms of my identity, I am who I am because that is how God created me to be and the ethics and morals I was raised with molded me to who I am today.

I identify myself as a loving, respectful caring girl who would do anything out of my reach to make someone happy. I believe that my ethical views confirms more towards ethics of care because of my personality. I like to find the good in people and help them achieve their goals in life. I am persistent with the people who I love because I want them to be happy and will care for them until the end of my days. Personally I am not able to ask for explanations or confront someone who has done something wrong to me because I do not like being put in that situation, I will speak my mind and defend myself when needed but I would rather be behind the scenes and at times ignore when people have done me wrong so I wont feel resentment towards them.

I consider my sister Giselle,  and my mom to be my best friends.The reason is very simple, these two women are the ones that I know will be with me through the good and the bad for the rest of my life. In terms of trust, equality, fairness, love, empathy and responsibility we have a very well balanced relationship. I respect Gisselle and my mom in every which way you can think of. I can never see myself disrespecting them in anyway or looking down on them. I love them both to infinity and beyond and I cant picture my life without them. Our relationship is very fair in terms of responsibility and equality. We make sure that is we are upset about something we never hold it back and always talk about it. We have a very open relationship in which we can talk to each other about absolutely anything and nothing we do can ever change our bond. I find it easy to keep these qualities in our friendship because it is something that all three of us agreed upon and we keep ourselves on our toes. I believe that you can definitely have more than one best friend but there will always be that one person that your personalities will click and will have an amazing bond with. You can definitely have more than one best friend because that means that you have more than one person to look up to and care for each other. Friends are amazing and sometimes your best friends are those who open up your heart and allow for more family to enter.


The picture above is a picture of me, my mother and my sister on her wedding day and her husband. These three people are the ones that I count on a day to day basis. I love them with all my heart and to me they are the definition of a true family/best friends. The second picture is of me and my co-teacher Danielle. We spend almost the entire day together at work and we have learned to care of each other as special friends as well.

Down Syndrome

  • Would it be wrong for parents to abort a fetus with trisomy 21?  What moral responsibility, if any, does a pregnant woman have for the fetus discussed in this article

The question should not be if it would be wrong for parents to abort a fetus with trisomy 21, it should be if the parent can handle the challenges and responsibilities that comes with a child that has Down Syndrome. Would the parent be able to care for this child mentally, physically, intellectually? I believe that the moral responsibility that a pregnant women has for the fetus described in the article really cannot be questioned unless we have been put in that situation ourselves. This is such a tough subject because personally I am pro-life.  As to moral responsibility, as an individual we have our own views and thoughts on abortion and I feel that as a parent we have the responsibility to care for our babies and nurture them if we bring them into this world. This is a hard subject to talk about without judging and imposing my own belief.

  • Are there any circumstances that would justify aborting a child with Down syndrome? Does it make a difference if the pregnancy is wanted?  Imposed?

In reality I don’t know what it feels like to be put into this predicament or situation so I cannot say if there are any circumstances in which it would justify abort a child with Down Syndrome. As I read the article I found out a lot of information that I was unaware of. When the triple screen testing is done it has been found that it has a 5% chance of having false positive results which can essentially mean that their is still that chance that your baby can be born normal. The parent really wont know the truth of it all until that baby is born. The article also mentions that even though the test can come out positive there is a 2% chance that the baby will be born with Down Syndrome. In regards to the additional testing (CVS), it is said that it can be potentially harmful for the baby and can even cause a miscarriage. I don’t think that it should make a difference if the pregnancy is wanted or not because either way we are dealing with a baby and at that point the decision is in the hands of the parent, whatever the decision the parent decides to have it is their decision to deal with for the rest of their life.

  • What are the strengths of the argument that any kind of prenatal testing is wrong?

I am not sure that I understood this question. I do not think that all prenatal testings are wrong. The prenatal appointments that are done on a constant basis are to make sure that the baby is growing and healthy. Some tests that are done are necessary for the baby. When it comes to the (CVS) testing I am not sure how I feel about it because it is potentially putting the baby in danger, In my opinion if the doctor already said that there is a possibility that the baby is going to be born with Down syndrome than I would start preparing myself at that moment both physically and emotionally/mentally but I would not put my baby through that testing with the risk for them to loose their life. If the parent knows that they are not emotionally or financially prepared to handle a child with special needs than the test would be beneficial so they can decided if they are going to term the pregnancy or not.  I can understand from another point of view why a parent would want to have that test done, to be 100% sure. Again, this is their own personal decision to make and their should be no judgement on behalf of it.

  • What are some moral theories that might bear on these issues?

Some moral theories that might bear on these issues are the thoughts of people against abortion. Also the thought that a parent is supposed to care for their baby and protect them. Another moral theories that can can bear on these issues is that a person can believe that the embryo is not actually a baby within the first trimester, then we have the believe that a baby has life from the moment that it is conceived, very controversial subject.


This is actually a website that I found in which pamphlets and information is provided about down syndrome pre-natal testing in order to make a decision.

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1-2 Selection/Copy and Paste:

“In friendship both fairness and caring are valuable. Although friendship does not usually center on formulating rules and applying them to cases, it typically does involve, as Marilyn Friedman has pointed out, a division of responsibilities in a more or less extensive mutual support system. A good friendship is fair about such divisions. Such fairness may even be a requirement of caring. Fairness in friendship also requires responsiveness to personal deserts or worthiness. If anything, to be a good friend one needs a better sense of fairness than to be a good citizen or soldier, an idea that makes good sense of Aristotle’s report that people say that “when [we] are friends [we] have no need of justice, while when [we] are just [we] need friendship as well, and the truest form of justice is thought to be a friendly quality.’ If “justice” here is meant to suggest enforcement, the idea seems sound. Responsiveness where enforcement is not forthcoming is a greater test of one’s fairness than where there is possible recourse to sanctions. If the idea is that the values of justice are superficial, however, it seems confused. For what makes sense of friends not needing justice is that they have the relevant values so well internalized…”

3- In your own words:

Being able to care for one another and being fair is very imperative in friendship. Although friendship is not about following  a set of rules or establishing rules to be applied by each party, it is about fulfilling responsibilities while each person supports one another as pointed out by Marilyn Friedman. A healthy relationship is fair about these responsibilities  one of which can include caring. Being able to respond to personal hardships or value is attributed to fairness in a friendship. If we have friendships then there is no need for justice. But if there is no friendships it is then that justice is necessary as believed by Aristotle and stated in his quote. This supports the idea that to have a good sense of fairness is more important than being a good soldier or a good citizen because it makes you a good friend. When there is no responsiveness to enforcement, this tests a persons fairness more than knowing that there might be punishment and fearing it. However, if the value of justice are not well grounded this idea will seem mistaken. Lucky the values that are relevant in justice are so natural in friendships that justice itself is not necessarily needed.

4. Opinion and Interpretation: 

I chose this paragraph because it is the paragraph that popped out the best as I read this paper. What I liked about this paragraph was that it’s main focus is the positive characteristics on friendship. I liked how it focused a lot on responsibilities because I feel that responsibility in a friendship/relationship is the main key in having a successful friendship. In a friendship both people need to be commit and care for one another to make that friendship blossom and last. From what I understood in this paragraph, caring and valuing another person is the most important attributes in a friendship. Me and my best friend/ sister Gisselle have a bond that means the world to me. Our friendship is based on love, caring for one another in every aspect, being there for each other and taking responsibility for our actions. I feel that in a true friendship there is more than just caring and fulfilling responsibilities. It is about having an everlasting connection with a person that grows on a day to day basis. Of course there will be up and downs in a friendship but that will only make you more responsible as a friend and teach fairness also with the fact that one of is is not always going to be right and that is OK.

5. Views on Friendship:

1. From what I understood ethics of care is about having a relationship with someone that is based on sympathy and caring and according to the reading this is should be the most important aspects in a friendship. In ethics of care instead of focusing on moral obligations, caring about all aspects of the friendship is basically the ethics in a friendship. When it comes to ethics of justice, as explained in the power point presentation it is explained to be believed that women  are the ones with the quality of caring and goodness and that this virtue exceeds a mans quality of caring. I feel that these two ethics can be complimentary because having both aspects of ethics will make the friendship stronger if I am understanding the concept correctly. It all comes down to two people being a relationship, caring about one another and being there for one another not mattering the circumstances. Personally me and my best friend/sister love each other to death but if we are upset or see something wrong in the other person we talk about it because not only does it strengthen the relationship it is healthy to talk about what you are feeling even if you are angry.

2. Some qualities of friendship that might help us formulate more general ethical considerations can be honesty, persistence in the relationship, and difference in views between both people. These qualities I feel are very important because no two people are alike. The differences in both people is what makes the friendship interesting, fun and strong!

3. My definition of empathy is the way a person feels and connects with another persons emotions or a situation they are going through. It is a direct connection with another person that make you feel closer to them. A situation in which I felt empathy towards someone else was when we were doing an outreach in our church. There had been previously a lady that I had seen walking by Main Street. She always seemed to tough and I always thought to myself, wow she looks so young. Why not get a job even if it is at Dunkin Donuts and try to help yourself live a better life. Little did I know that I was going to have an encounter with this women in the outreach. I approached her and sat down with her and had a meal with her. She began to speak to us about her past and how her parents used to be Pastors and turned into drugs and passed away. How her family was once close and owned a house and now she has nothing living in the street not knowing when she would have her next meal. My heart sank and all I could do was give her a hug to comfort her as I had tears running down my face. You just never know the situation a person is living unless you really connect with them and allow yourself to feel like they feel to understand them. This teaches us never to judge someone by their appearance or their circumstances.

4. I do believe that too much emphasis on personal caring relationships will encourage many people to become morally apathetic towards larger ethical issues because they will be focusing too much on their own relationships forgetting about other important issues that are taking place. At the same time I am not sure because personally I care a lot about my personally relationships yet I still can focus on other larger ethical issues that are happening and still be empathetic in regards to them. I think it depends on the persons character and thinking.


Sources Used:

Card, Claudia, “A Feminist View of Ethics” from Identity, Character and Morality by Owen Flanagan and Amelie Rorty (MIT Press, 1990).

A Feminist View of Ethics And the role of Friendship  PowerPoint Presentation


5. Multi-Media

I love this movie!

Final Project Part I


The main character comes from an extreme poverty in which they began by living in their village which their houses were made out of clay. Since multiple generations are accustomed to living in one home his parents and siblings shared one room. This did not allow much room for privacy between their parents and them, exposing the children to when their parents had intercourse although they did not witness it.  The father made the final decision of taking the family and moving them to the city to have a better chance in having a better financial means than they would have while living in the village. As time goes by the main character is trying to figure out strategies in how to become filthy rich and avoid the distractions across the way.

My initial reaction when I began to read this book was the following. The author does not allow the reader enough time to transition from one event to the next. This causes me to question whether I am understanding correctly or if I have missed something in the reading. In my opinion I think the author could have used better wording, I felt that he was a little vulgar in a few sections. The author does carry a good story line allowing the reader to feel the emotions that he is feeling in that precise moment. I am still trying to figure out how the story-line and the choice of title of the book link to one another.

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